Verzhine Ter-Gasparyan

Clinical psychologist, training teacher
(010) 58 18 14
(077) 58 18 14
(096) 58 18 14

Deals  with  both  individual and family  consultation and psychotherapy  in the centre  of  psychological  services.  She works  with teenagers,  adults and couples as well. She works with such clinical cases as:

  • apathy, loss of interest
  • sticky thoughts, sticky states
  • uncontrolable emotions and feelings
  • fears, alarm, phobias
  • difficulties in contact
  • problems connected with behavior and adaptation
  • weakness, chronic tiredness, insomnia
  • stress, depression and other problems

Consultation  is done both in Armenian and in Russian

Verzhine Ter-Gasparian conducts  training of dance therapy  in the <> centre of psychological services as well.


2012-2014  – the faculty of   philosophy  and psychology-YSU (magistracy)

specialization- clinical psychology and psychotherapy

2007-2010- the faculty of philosophy and psychology- YSU( bachelor)

 Proffessional  Activities

2017-up to now conducts training of  dance therapy in the <> center  of psychological   services

2016- up to now psychologist  consultant in the  republic centre of  narcology /LLC/

2014- up to now- clinical psychologist in the psychic health centre LLC H.Ministry  of <>

2000-2015- The <> centre of  psychic  health  -dancing  master connected with therapy of dance movements


Principles of psychological court inverstigation-( YSMU) after Mkhitar Heratsi

Courses of qualification participation in forensic examinations as an expert, participation in examinations of men called up for military service.

  • <> practical course of studies ( 64 hours) YSU
  • Cognitiv behavioral psychotherapy ( 48 hours ) modul 1st YSU
  • Simbolic work in  <> ( 22 hours)
  • Work organizations   among  clinical psychologists, practical  courses (16 hours) YSU <>  modul  2nd  (24 hours) YSU
  • Participation in the thematic seminar  <> connected with the therapy of integral dance centre by A.Girshon

Participation on other international and  local proffesianal seminars  for trainings and qualifications.