Margarita Saghatelyan

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
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Margarita Saghatelyan has been providing individual counseling and psychotherapy to adolescents and adults in the “AYG” center for psychological services since 2014.

She has more than 25 years of experience as a psychiatrist-psychotherapist in mental health hospitals, ambulatory care centers and clinics, both in pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy.

She has participated in various international conferences, seminars, group supervisions, summer schools, professional trainings.

Working languages ​​are Armenian and Russian.


2014 – Present Psychotherapist, Doctor-Consultant. “AYG” center for psychological services.
2002- Present Psychiatrist. Medical Center after V. Avagyan, Yerevan, Armenia.
1997-2006 Medical representative. KRKA Slovenian pharmaceutical company.
1994-1998 Psychotherapist. Hospital of Rehabilitation, Yerevan, Armenia.
1990-1994 Psychiatrist. Crisis Department, Institute of Mental Health (“Stress center”), Yerevan, Armenia.
1988-1990  Psychiatrist. City policlinic, Etchmiadzin, Armenia.


1989-1990 Institute of Mental Health, Moscow, Russia, residency

Specialty– Mental disorders and Psychiatry

1986-1987 State Medical University, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (“Nork”,  Psychiatric hospital),  Yerevan, Armenia, internship
Specialty – Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.
1980-1986 MD, State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia
Specialty – General Medicine.



2015 -Present– Member of the Armenian Psychoanalytical Association.
1995-2013 – Memberof the Armenian Association of Study and Research for Psychoanalysis.