Skype counseling

Skype counseling is a common counseling format nowadays, which enables to contact each other and perform a complete counseling process regardless of the place of the psychologist and the client.

This format of counseling has unique peculiarities and advantages.

  • Anonymity of the client, highest level of confidentiality.
  • Absence of the factors causing uncertainty and modesty of the client.
  • Overcoming territories and distances. If the client resides in another city, country or has physiological problems hindering his/her transfer opportunities, psychologist’s office can be visited without leaving his/her location, home or workplace. Moreover, the client will not be forced to stop the counseling process or change the specialist within movements /changing the residence, being on business trips, etc. /.
  • Flexibility of meetings schedule. In case of mutual agreement, skype counseling may be provided any day and at any time within the week. 

Till now Skype counseling was provided to people from USA, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Georgia, Japan.

To schedule a meeting with a specialist, please, call to “AYG” center for psychological services or send an e-mail to the following address:

Skype  login –   ayg.hogeban