Child counseling includes playing techniques which aim at helping the child to express his/her own feelings, needs, aggression through games. This method is highly effective when dealing with the broadest specter of psychosomatic, neurotic and behavioral disorders. It promotes child self-knowledge, as well as development of independence and self-confidence. Besides play therapy, different methods of art-therapy, fairytale therapy are broadly applied within therapeutic work.

Psychological counseling for adolescents is provided in case of different psychological problems /e.g. phobias, depressions, aggressiveness, communication difficulties/, as well as for professional orientation and guidance purposes. The work is performed in both individual and group formats through application of diverse psychological methods enabling adolescents and their parents to successfully overcome that crucial stage of personal development. Often, given the peculiarities of the problems, it is necessary to simultaneously work with the parents of the child.

Psychological work with AUTISTIC children is also performed at “AYG” center for psychological services.

The following specialists work with children and adolescents at “AYG” center for psychological services:

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Maria Tevosyan Anahit Shahatuni Isabelle Matossian Inga Mukuchyan
nkar-1024x842 DSCN2064 IMG_055pp7
Marianna Sargsyan  Emma Arzieva       Gayane Gusikyan Arthur Tonoyan  
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Verzhine Ter-Gasparyan  Armine Hayrapetyan       Naira Martirosyan Sofya Avagyan
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Diana Galstyan Taras Vavryk Mari Amirkhanyan