There is a psychophysiological self-regulation service, i.e. “Bio-feedback” cabinet operating at “AYG” center for psychological services, where modern equipment allow addressing different psychophysiological disorders and psychological problems, as well as organizing active neurorecovery process after a number of diseases.

Bio-feedback therapy or bio-feedback procedures follow the principle of  “physiological mirror” enabling to quite literally see and hear the changes of one’s own physiological state.  Crucial role in this process takes the self-management principle.  The person becomes the active participant of his/her recovery process that leads to revealing and demonstrating of hidden reserves of the organism. He/she learns to consciously manage the feelings, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, as well as achieve higher relaxation level, relieve pain, increase work efficiency and, as a result, improve the life.

Bio-feedback trainings are applied both as a self-recovery therapy and as an extra procedure for increasing the efficiency of psychological correction methods.DSCN2960

Bio-feedback method, as an extra non-medical therapy, is applied in the following cases leading to considerable reduction of medicaments:

  • hypertonia
  • migraine, tension headaches, pain syndromes
  • sleep disturbances
  • neurotic disorders, neurosis
  • chronic obstructive disorders of respiratory system
  • bronchial asthma
  • peripheral angiospasm, Raynaud’s syndrome
  • transient cerebral circulatory disorders
  • correction of the effects of brain injuries, etc.

The correction of clinical disorders is realized under the permission and supervision of the doctor in charge.

The combined application of bio-feedback procedures increases the efficiency of psychotherapy in the following cases:

  • stress disorders, post-stress disorders, chronic stress
  • fears, alarm  states, obsessions
  • dysthymia (mild but long-term depression)
  • chronic fatigue
  • addictions
  • attention deficit disorder, learning difficulties among children and adolescents, etc.

The application of bio-feedback method is a training procedure lasting 10-17 meetings depending on person’s motivation, perception level and severity of symptoms. Each procedure lasts for 30-40 minutes depending on the therapeutic course chosen.


Bio-feedback trainings have certain contra-indications such as the acute phase of physiological and infection diseases, epilepsy, acute psychosis episode and mental retardation. Also, there are specific contra-indication for certain procedures.

The following specialists apply “Bio-feedback” methods at “AYG” center for psychological services:

IMG_0118 DSCN2009 DSCN2064 DSCN2968
Sergey Khasabyan Anna Stepanyan Gayane Gusikyan Armine Hayrapetyan

To schedule a meeting with each center specialist, in advance registration with specified date and time is needed.  You may register by:

  • Dialing to the following phone numbers:  010 58 18 14, 077 58 18 14, 096 58 18 14;
  • Submit an application form under the section “Register for a counseling”  of the following web–site
  • Send a message to e-mail address:
  • Visit “AYG” center for psychological services at the following address: 40, Mashtots Ave.

If you do not know what specialist to apply for, generally describe your problem to our center staff or present it in an e-mail and we will guide you to a respective specialist dealing with a given problem.

“AYG” center for psychological services operates every day (excluding Sunday) with the following working hours: 10:00 – 21:00.