Psychological Club

Psychological Club operates at the Center to make available psychological knowledge to wider masses of the society. EVERYBODY, without age and profession limitations, can participate in discussions on different psychological topics. The club meetings are run by a psychologist moderator who presents the topic of the meeting, provide participants with important psychological knowledge on a given topic, organizes psychological games (according to the topic), conducts analysis of different situations and cases. During the discussions, hold in a free format, the participants easily express their viewpoints, attitude, tell about their own experience, engage in discussions and debates with other participants. Participation in the Psychological club is FREE OF CHARGE. You just need to register in advance via the following options:

  • Dialing to the following phone numbers:  010 58 18 14, 077 58 18 14, 096 58 18 14;
  • Send a message to e-mail address: 
  • Visit “AYG” center for psychological services at the following address: 40, Mashtots Ave.