Services to organizations

“AYG” center for psychological services offers the following services to organizations:

  • Activity field research, cadres (vacancies) planning, development of job descriptions and professiographies (important professional, personal and psychological characteristics)
  • Psychological selection of candidates
  • Provision of psychological adaptation to the recruits (or to the staff recently appointed for the position)
  • Study of staff compliance with the job position
  • Recovering of interpersonal relationships among the staff, establishment of an effective working atmosphere
  • Psychological counseling aimed at overcoming of daily psychological problems.
  • Organization of courses and trainings for conflict prevention, interaction skills development, overcoming job stress, negotiating and sales of services. 
  • Psychological training of the staff, including;

– psychological preparation to emergencies and crises situations

– psychological preparation for suicide prevention

At the same time, the center offers external expert services for periodical assessment of the staff:

  • Periodical psychological study of the staff
  • Assessment of work efficiency
  • Work attestation.

“AYG” center for psychological services also works with the staff of diplomatic representations and their family members.


Ministry of Economics of the RA – Assessment of motivation level and work efficiency among the staff and psychological selection of employees.

Ministry of Defense of the RA – Revealing the factors promoting and/or hindering military service and developing suggestions on increasing the efficiency of military service.

Ministry of Defense of the RA – 1.Research of personal characteristics and psychological specifications required for a future officer was carried out among the recruits admitted to the Military Institute after V. Sargsyan. Based on research results, psychological selection of 76 applicants was organized. 2.Provision of psychological counseling.

Ministry of Justice of the RA – Training of correctional officers (about 1800 officers within security, medical care and rehabilitation units)

Prosecutor’s School of the RA – Psychological training of the RA and Nagorno Karabakh prosecutors, training, psychological assessment and selection of candidates for prosecutor’s position.

“World Vision Armenia” charitable NGO – Provision of psychological support to NGO staff in extremal (or critically extremal) situations.

“World Vision Armenia” NGO – Organization of professional orientation courses for 250 pupils of 10 community schools within Talin Regional Development Program.

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the RA – Provision of professional education services to the unemployed for the specialty of babysitter-educator.

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the RA – Provision of professional work experience for recruits who enter the labor market for the first time with the profession obtained.

SOS-Child Villages Armenian Benevolent Foundation – Organization of psychotherapeutic meetings and provision of psychological counseling for the SOS Child village Ijevan pupils.

Physics and Mathematics (Phizmath) Specialized school after A. Shahinyan attached to the YSU – Organization of psychology students’ internships at the school.

Ijevan center for adult education – Organization of professional orientation courses.

“Cross of Armenian Unity” Charitable Cultural NGO – Conduction of courses on the following topics in the frames of “For a strong family” project; personal age peculiarities of child behavior, addressing child adaptation problems, sexual education, the role of the father in child’s upbringing process.


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