Logopedist counseling is provided to children, their parents and relativeս who have verbal, written speech disorders.

The main goals of the logopedist counseling are:

  • speech disorder diagnosis
  • data provision on a given speech disorder (symptoms, effects, etc.)
  • defining the ways to overcome speech disorder (logopedist, psychologist, medical and other interventions)
  • developing an individual program for logopedist work

Logopedist counseling is applied for with the following problems:

  • dyslalia
  • stuttering
  • rhinolalia
  • aphasia
  • alalia
  • dysgraphia
  • dyslexia
  • dyslalia, dysarthria
  • general speech retardation
  • speech development delay
  • speech negativism (refusing from verbal communication)
  • voice disorders.

SPEECH is an important indicator of child’s development the problems related to which may cause hindering factors in communication with surrounding, as well as in development of cognitive, emotional and willing spheres. Correct and timely diagnosis, as well as respective logopedist assistance will ensure the future balanced development of the child.

With the logopedist counseling individual program is developed for each child considering the peculiarities of his/her personal development and speech disorders.

Parents are also involved in logopedist work provided with exhaustive information on speech disorder, peculiarities of communication with the child and the methods promoting speech improvement.

  • does not speak yet at the age of 3-5 years
  • wrongly pronounces some sounds (after 5-5.5 years)
  • Skips or distorts the sounds, abbreviates complex words (starting from 5 years)
  • has started to stutter
  • has incoherent speech, poor vocabulary, cannot precisely formulate his/her thoughts , does not understand the meaning of many things
  • refuses to enter into verbal communication with  people around

Logopedist assistance may be necessary for not only children but also adults. Logopedist service for adults is mostly necessary in 2 cases;

  • because of not correcting demonstrated speech problems within childhood age, they have been strengthened
  • because of speech disorders resulted from certain diseases.

Whatever the SPEECH DISORDER is, earlier you apply to the specialist, faster and more efficient will the overcoming process be for a given problem.

 The logopedist of “AYG” center for psychological services are:

Zhanna Paylozyan Emma Arzieva

To schedule a meeting with specialist, in advance registration with specified date and time is needed.  You may register by:

  • Dialing to the following phone numbers:  010 58 18 14, 077 58 18 14, 096 58 18 14;
  • Submit an application form under the section “Register for a counseling”  of the following web–site www.hogeban.am
  • Send a message to e-mail address: info@hogeban.am
  • Visit “AYG” center for psychological services at the following address: 40, Mashtots Ave.

If you do not know what specialist to apply for, generally describe your problem to our center staff or present it in an e-mail and we will guide you to a respective specialist dealing with a given problem.

The fee for the first meeting is 15.000 AMD and 10.000 AMD for the next meetings.

There are SALES for soldiers at military service, family members of a dead freedom fighter, two or more members of the same family when getting different services simultaneously and for a number of other cases. For details, please, call to our center.  

“AYG” center for psychological services operates every day (excluding Sunday) with the following working hours: 10:00 – 21:00.