Trainings, seminars

Learning, psychotherapeutic, as well as personal growth trainings are periodically organized at “AYG” center for psychological services. The trainings courses may engage both psychology specialists and others who want to obtain knowledge and skills necessary for self-knowledge, self-presentation, increasing communication effectiveness, creative potential demonstration, conflicts and stress management, self-perfection and mental health improvement.  Participants successfully completed the training program are awarded bilingual (Armenian and English) certificates. The trainings are launched upon the completion of the group. To participate in a preferred training in advance registration is needed. In order to register for each of the trainings below, you can:

  • Dialing to the following phone numbers:  010 58 18 14, 077 58 18 14, 096 58 18 14;
  • Send a message to e-mail address: 
  • Visit “AYG” center for psychological services at the following address: 40, Mashtots Ave.