Selection and training of a babysitter

In every human’s life it is very hard to make choices. The more responsible is the choice, the more difficult it is to make. Parents’ meticulousness in the selection of a babysitter is very natural and justifiable. The parents not only entrust the babysitter a variety of material values, but also their child, the most important person in their lives. The parent wants and demands an educated, and a literate babysitter who will take care of the child using the relevant skills.

So, how to make a right decision? “Ayg” psychological center provides a selection and training service for babysitters. Our professionals will explore your demands and wishes, the age and personal qualities of your child and based on that will select a babysitter with relevant education, knowledge and work experience. Our psychologists will explore the babysitter’s psychological and personal qualities, such as aggressiveness and anxiety, the style of establishing interpersonal relationships, as well as their character and temperament. Receiving a complete information about every candidate, you will have an opportunity to consider all the pros and cons, and make an accurate decision.

Our psychologists are eager to help you with the adaptation of the babysitter in your family, as well as with the education of your child, regulation of parent-child-babysitter relationships and other important psychological issues, according to your needs.

Psychological selection of a babysitter is done by the following basic steps:

  1. Primary interview which allows to gather information about:
  • demographic facts of the babysitter (age, sex, education, family, information about the family members, etc)
  • preferences
  • work experience
  • working attitudes and positions (preference of the child’s age, planning of the child’s day, what are the activities that the babysitter does not want to do, etc)
  • habits (smoking, views on smoking, etc)
  • salary expectations and other valuable information
  1. Interview with a psychologist which allows to:
  • have a better understanding of the candidate’s motivation, desires and attitudes
  • identify the obvious psychological qualities such as aggression,
  • conflictedness, initiative, activity/inactivity, etc.
  1. Psychological testing which allows to discover a variety of psychological and personal qualities such as
  • character
  • temperament
  • interpersonal relationships
  • sociability
  1. Making psychological conclusion.

As a result of a psychological research, the most suitable candidates will be presented to the parents, so they will have an opportunity to choose the one.

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