Individual psychological counseling is professional support to psychologically healthy individual who faces psychological problems, difficulties during a certain life stage or simply seeks to improve himself/herself and achieve self-realization. Psychological counseling is realized through regular meetings with a psychologist, which aim to specify client problems, identify his/her inner resources and develop more effective behavioral patterns. In contrast with psychotherapy, psychological counseling is a shorter-term form of psychological support, which includes 1 to 15 meetings.  It happens that even during the first meeting the individual finds answers to his/her questions and develops his/her own options of addressing difficult situation.

The counseling psychologist follows the principle that the client has all necessary inner resources to settle his/her problems; it is simply difficult for him/her to independently acknowledge the whole resource of his/her capabilities and possibilities. It is more difficult to identify the origin and motives of the problem that seems to be unsolvable. The origin and motives of such problems are often hidden in deep layers of unconsciousness. Without professional support, it is often impossible to reveal the comprehensive picture of the situation, objectively estimate what has happened and offer efficient, exhaustive solution to the problem.

During the meetings with psychologist, within a trusting atmosphere, the client has a free and open discussion on all concerning issues. The friendly atmosphere prompts the client to self-examination and acknowledgment of all those negative factors, which disturb his/her mental harmony.

The uncritical attitude and deep respect of the psychologist towards the client’s personality constitute the basis for establishing unaffected relationships between them. Additionally, the establishment of trusting relationships is promoted by one of the most important moral-ethical principles followed by the psychologist, which is keeping confidentiality about the client meetings. This means that any information provided by the client is confidential and not available for a third person. The relationship between the client and the psychologist, due to their unique nature, already have therapeutic effect on the client.

During the counseling meetings, through attentively listening, watching, exploring and addressing questions to the client, the psychologist, specifies and clarifies the true character of his/her problem, the level of its seriousness and causes. After clarifying all the above-mentioned, the psychologist starts to discuss with the client the realistic and optimal solutions to the given problem.

Psychological counseling attaches an active role to the client in terms of acknowledging his/her problems, searching for solutions and making relevant decisions. Instead of providing with ready-made advices, solutions and assessments, the psychologist applies special verbal techniques in order to activate the client towards searching inside for many answers to his/her questions, reviewing his/her positions and values, looking at the world and his/her life from another perspective, as well as towards more comprehensive and broad self-recognition. The psychologist raises the sense of responsibility for client’s own life and decisions, as well as the consciousness of being the only boss of his/her life. The psychologist follows the principle that free and responsible person is able to make independent decisions in relevant situations, subsequently, the demonstration of client’s free will is strongly encouraged.

The specialists performing individual counseling and psychotherapy at “AYG” center for psychological services can be found under the section “OUR PSYCHOLOGISTS.

 To schedule a meeting with each center specialist, in advance registration with specified date and time is needed.  You may register by:

  • Dialing to the following phone numbers:  010 58 18 14, 077 58 18 14, 096 58 18 14;
  • Submit an application form under the section “Register for a counseling”  of the following web–site
  • Send a message to e-mail address:
  • Visit “AYG” center for psychological services at the following address: 40, Mashtots Ave.

If you do not know what specialist to apply for, generally describe your problem to our center staff or present it in an e-mail and we will guide you to a respective specialist dealing with a given problem.

For adults the fee for the first meeting is 15.000 AMD and 10.000 AMD for the next meetings. For adolescents the fee for the first meeting is 10.000 AMD and 8000 AMD for the next meetings.

There are SALES for soldiers at military service, family members of a dead freedom fighter, two or more members of the same family when getting different services simultaneously and for a number of other cases. For details, please, call to our center.  

“AYG” center for psychological services operates every day (excluding Sunday) with the following working hours: 10:00 – 21:00.